Building and Termite Inspections

5 Key Benefits of A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

For many Australians, the family home is one of the most important investments they’ll ever make. So, ensuring the property represents a great investment is extremely important. This is also the case with commercial property. That’s why pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne are essential, as they help buyers make the right purchasing decisions. Here are […]

3 Ways That a Timber Pest Inspection Will Protect Your Property

While building and property inspections only check for structural defects, combined timber building and pest inspections provide many additional benefits. They check for termites, borer damage and wood decay.. If you live in Melbourne or you’re planning on buying a home, a building and pest inspection that also checks for termites and other wood-eating pests […]

Garage Ceilings

A common defect that we find during our inspections is garage ceiling plaster sagging and, in many cases, it has collapsed.   As the garage is not a habitable room, the roof cavity above is not required to have insulation installed. People view insulation as a product that is only installed to help with heating and cooling […]

Buying or Selling a Property?

Today I was requested by a vendor to carry out a pre-purchase building inspection on the house that they are selling. A potential buyer had their own independent inspector out. The inspector did a thorough inspection but unfortunately their report made a number of comments that were false. One that there were termites and it […]