Business For Good


As a B1G1 Business For Good, we incorporate purpose and meaning to our business through giving.

At PADinspections, we believe that as human beings we all have a responsibility to give back, to help and empower those less fortunate than ourselves.

By partnering with the B1G1 global giving initiative, we can create a direct link between what we do and our giving. The process of giving to a good cause during the course of our daily business activities is a simple and effective way to affect change where it is needed and to make a difference in the world. Simply by engaging with us you are helping PADinspections to conduct business in a more meaningful way, and we thank you for this.

Our Carbon Footprint

As we drive all over Melbourne and Country Victoria to inspect properties, our carbon footprint is 3 times that of the average car user here in Australia.  At PADinspections we try to maintain a low carbon footprint by helping to save areas of the Daintree Rainforest.  We have calculated that we need to save 20 square meters a year to completely off set our vehicle. We save at least 40 each year!

PADinspections have also lowered our carbon footprint by powering and heating our office through Powershop. They are a power company that offset 100% of their operations…just like us!