The Latest Technology in Termite Detection.

PADinspections are committed to having the latest technology in termite detection to ensure that we continue to provide you with a premium service. We are licenced to inspect with the Termatrac T3i SOLO. The best termite detection tool on the market.

Read below for a description of what this amazing tool can do.

The Australian Standard –

AS 3660.2:2017 now mentions the Termite Radar device as a specialist detection tool.

T3i SOLO is an easy to use tool that assists in getting inspections done confidently. Pinpoint where infestation is present and reduce your cost on whole- treatment and switch to localised treatment methods. More importantly, using radar technology, PROVE that the infestation has gone post treatment.

The T3i is the only radar technology in Australia to help Pest Control Operator’s and building inspectors to eliminate guesswork out of inspections.

The T3i SOLO is ideal for identifying the movement and the extent of activity of all termite species.

T3i Solo Radar Technology

Termatrac’s unique termite radar technology is the most accurate and non-invasive detector available. Save the effort of drilling or tapping walls. By simply placing the radar sensor on the wall’s surface, the radar technology confirms movement by penetrating through most building materials to locate and track termite and other insect activity.

T3i Operate Application & Report

The T3i SOLO application on your display device captures on-site data using Bluetooth technology so you can keep a record for on or off site analysis.

The T3i Operate application provides a real-time data when tracking movement which you can ‘save’ onto a Termatrac Cloud Based Reporting System.

Termatrac Cloud Based Report system generates an online report using the saved on-site data, allowing you to easily provide informative inspection reports and post-treatment reports to your customers anywhere, anytime.

The reports are also a good way to keep track of your client’s inspection history and post treatment follow-ups.

Termatrac reports can be customisable for you to add your business branding, on-site photos and provide a literal report to support the T3i SOLO data.


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