Reasons for an Annual Termite Inspection

Last week I was engaged to carry out a clients annual termite inspection. As I crawled under the house I found that the plumbing pipe under the bathroom area had come apart. So for an unknown period the shower water was flowing straight onto the subfloor soil. The house had been treated for termites a year ago but since that area has now been compromised (shower water will have diluted the chemical treatment) the area will need to be retreated.
Also since last year, my client had some trees cut down along their driveway. The stumps were left in the ground. As I inspected them I found a termite nest in one of them.

Luckily for my client there was no termite activity in the house but some areas will need retreating to have the best possible protection from attack.

I thought this would be a great example of why annual inspections are important.
As most trades are not aware of any termite activity or treatments carried out there is a high probably that the soil may get disturbed and leave access for termites. Also as mentioned above, a pipe may come away from its fitting and compromise the area and attract termites (termites are attracted to dark, damp conditions and your house is the food source).

If you any concerns or questions in regards to termite inspections, treatments or any preventive measures please do not hesitate to contact me on 0415 156 944.

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