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PADinspections carry out pool inspections throughout Melbourne.

It is mandatory for swimming pools and spas to be registered with the local council and for safety barriers to be compliant with the applicable barrier standard. We provide pool safety assessments, inspections and compliance certificates to ensure property owners are compliant with the Victorian Pool Safety laws.

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Pool Inspections

How Much Does A Pool Inspection Cost?

Our pool fence inspection cost Melbourne wide includes a pool safety inspection and compliance certificate. Prices start at $440 inc GST. Our inspectors are accredited by the Victorian Building Authority and we are highly experienced in providing swimming pool safety barrier inspections.

Our pool fence inspection cost includes:

  • Comprehensive onsite swimming pool or spa safety barrier inspection
  • Written report with photos
  • Recommendations on repair works, if required
  • Explanation of results with property owner
  • Issue of Certificate of Barrier Compliance if no repairs or changes are required

When we conduct a pool inspection Melbourne, if repairs or changes are required, we offer a discount on a secondary inspection appointment. We can also recommend licensed professionals to carry out any repair work or changes as required.

How Much Does A Pool Compliance Certificate Cost?

The Certificate of Barrier Compliance price is included in our pool fence inspection cost. During your pool inspection Melbourne, our licensed inspector will determine if your safety barrier complies with the applicable barrier standard and will issue you with a compliance certificate. You will then need to lodge this certificate with your council within 30 days of the date of issue and pay a fee to the council. Your council will then send you written notice confirming the date the certificate was lodged and when the next certificate is required. You are required to obtain a new compliance certificate every four years. If we recommend any repairs or changes to your pool safety barrier, we will suggest cost effective solutions for you and will issue a barrier improvement notice which will specify a date by which you must rectify any issues.

Make Your Pool Safe For Summer

If your property includes a pool or spa that holds more than 300mm of water, you must have a safety barrier inspection to ensure it is safe. This doesn’t include relocatable pools which only require inflation. Your pool or spa barrier should restrict access to children and reduce the risk of drowning. Our licensed pool inspector will review the suitability of the barrier, including gates, doors, windows, fences, retaining walls and balconies. Any property owners who are concerned about the pool fence inspection cost Melbourne, can rest assured we offer the most competitive rates and will ensure that your pool is safe for summer, so everyone can get maximum enjoyment. Get ready for summer and book your pool inspection Melbourne today.

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