Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne for a Stress-free Home

Are you going to purchase a new property? Purchasing a home is one of the best decisions you can make for an investment. Yet buying the wrong one can be horrific and stressful experience. It is very important to carry out a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection in Melbourne to eliminate awful scenarios. Whether it is a residential or a commercial property you want to invest in, having an expert inspection before purchase will safeguard you from unforeseeable risks.

PADinspections carry out Professional Building Inspections to find a safer home and workspace for you. It is sometimes hard to realise the value of a perfect and safe home unless unfriendly situations come up. The building inspection may be a step extra before you move to your new home but it is future friendly. The temptation to save a few dollars can bring up unnecessary hassles that could be eliminated by having the inspection.
PADinspections is a trusted name with 18 years of experience in the construction industry and carries out Building Inspections in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We eliminate the risks associated with buying a new property. Our motto is to find a happy and healthy home for you and your family.
Why Should You Care About Building Inspection?

Investing in a property is an amazing idea but sometimes it lands you in most uncomfortable situations. Imagine that you bought a home that looks perfect at first sight; you quickly paid the booking amount. Soon after shifting into this new home, you found out the leakage problem in the roof, termite, and other bugs. Your perfect investment home now is nothing but an expensive purchase that you shouldn’t have been done in haste. So where did everything go wrong? You failed to invest the necessary time and inspection which was needed.
Building inspection should be kept a priority before purchasing residential or even commercial property. But understanding various risks in a property comes with substantial experience that you may not be found out at the first glance. PADinspections provides Termite Inspections in Melbourne for additional safety for wooden furniture and floors.

Risks You Encounter Without Building Inspection:
Luck isn’t the only factor in buying an amazing property with no risks, sometimes careful planning becomes also very necessary. Without a pre-purchase building inspection, you are likely to face a number of major and minor risks such as:

  • Structural issues – roof, floor, and in entire building
  • Electric wiring risks – open wiring and dysfunctional fire alarm
  • Presence of bugs – termite, white ants, and bed bugs
  • Unsafe areas – cracks in the wall, hazardous surroundings, loose balustrades

Why Our Building Inspections in Melbourne?
We at PADinspections are well versed with how a building should be inspected and what all risks can come up. We hold a rich experience in building inspection and have refined property choices for thousands of homeowners. We accompany you to your prospective home and create a report based on its internal structure and other conditions. We investigate part by part and also carry White Ant Inspections in Melbourne so you can be safe and healthy in your new home.