5 Key Benefits of A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

For many Australians, the family home is one of the most important investments they’ll ever make. So, ensuring the property represents a great investment is extremely important. This is also the case with commercial property. That’s why pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne are essential, as they help buyers make the right purchasing decisions. Here are 5 key benefits to a pre-purchase inspection

It identifies problems

As all properties deteriorate over time and some damage is inevitable, building inspections are essential because they identify problems with the property before you buy. This ensures you know the exact condition of the building before you sign on the dotted line. 

It helps you get the right price 

When you know the condition of the home or workplace you’re planning to buy, you can make better buying decisions. For example, if there were water leaks or cracking in the exterior walls, you’d be aware of this and can adjust your bid accordingly or not bid at all. 

It ensures the property is safe

There are many potential hazards when buying a home or workplace, especially with older properties. From structural damage and cracked foundations to outdated wiring, termites and pests, it’s very important to know it’s safe or that any issues identified can be fixed. A property inspection in Melbourne gives you a full overview of the condition of the property, including any issues that the seller needs to take care of before selling to ensure it’s safe.

It identifies pest infestations 

Commercial property and new home building inspections in Melbourne are also ideal for identifying pest infestations, especially termites and timber pests. Pest inspections and building inspections aren’t the same, however, some service providers in Melbourne, like PADinspections, offer combined pest and building inspections that save you money. 

It helps with future decisions 

Another great benefit to building inspections is understanding what future renovations or updates to the property can be made. Most renovations require building approval, so by having an inspection before you buy, you can check whether your future plans for the property are possible. 

Whether it’s a home, investment property or a commercial building in Melbourne, a pre-purchase building inspection provides you with the info you need to make the right choices. Read more about our pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne here, contact us online or call 0415 156 944 to book an inspection!

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