3 Ways That a Timber Pest Inspection Will Protect Your Property

While building and property inspections only check for structural defects, combined timber building and pest inspections provide many additional benefits. They check for termites, borer damage and wood decay.. If you live in Melbourne or you’re planning on buying a home, a building and pest inspection that also checks for termites and other wood-eating pests will benefit your property in many important ways.

1. It helps you make the right choices

Homebuyers planning to buy a timber home in Melbourne should insist on having a timber building and pest inspection before buying. Not only does a timber pest inspection identify the presence of termites and wood pests but it also identifies any conditions present which may lead to future pest infestations. With this knowledge, you can make the right choices, whether that means buying, not buying, or negotiating a more appropriate price.

2. It enables you to take the right actions now

Do you currently own a house? Having a building and pest inspection at your Melbourne home empowers you to take the right actions now to prevent further damage if a termite or pest infestation is already present. Sometimes you can see (or hear) signs of pests in your home, but as most infestations are located behind walls or under floors, the presence of pests can be difficult to detect without professional assistance. That’s why PADinspection property inspections that check for timber pests are ideal for Melbourne homes. And not only pre-purchase either but every year as per the AU Standards or sooner if you notice signs of pests.

3. It helps you plan for the future

Whether you own or are buying a home or property in Melbourne, combining a building inspection with a termite inspection helps you plan for the future. For example, if termites were detected on the property but not inside the building, you can implement termite control measures to prevent them from causing damage. Or if wood decay fungi were detected, you could take steps to keep the affected areas dry to prevent further decay.

Could your property benefit from a building and pest inspection? Whether you’ve noticed signs of timber pest infestations or it’s been a while since you had your home or workplace inspected, contact PADinspections online or call 0415 156 944 to book a timber building and pest inspection in Melbourne today!

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